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Friday, October 06, 2006

Peres: Nano-technology will Beat Rockets

Even Israel recognizes the importance of nanotechnology. What Mr. Peres does not say is that nanotechnology can certainly be used for offensive capabilities!

We (Americans) all know that the most notorious spies originate not from Russia, or even erstwhile Soviet Union, but from France and Israel.  Now, do we not?






Peres: Nano-technology will beat rockets

Vice premier concludes Germany visit, where he was awarded prestigious peace prize, offers to promote negotiations with Palestinians through financial endeavors

Ronny Sofer

Published 10.05.06, 10:08


GERMANY – Nano-technology is the key to Israel’s defense in future armed conflicts, Vice Premier Shimon Peres told Ynet in an interview Wednesday at the conclusion of his visit in Germany .



“The missiles threatening Israel and the terrorists threatening to hurt the people of Israel should be handled using weapons that will be developed by the technology of the future, nano-technology.  This is my lesson from the war, and I’m operating today, as I always have, with a vision in a bid to change the realities of the Middle East,” Peres said.


Peres was in Germany to receive a prestigious prize, awarded to him for his efforts to promote peace in the region. in the interview, the veteran politician spoke about the conceptual revolution Israel and the Israeli government need to undergo in their relations with the countries of the region.  He claimed that in light of the current reality, the internal strife within the PA and the difficulties in promoting the Road Map plan, peace should be pursued through economic means.



“The peace process should move faster now in the economic route. We have to admit that we failed in finding a resolution through diplomacy or wars,” he stated.



German support 

Peres reported that during his visit he succeeded in enlisting Germany’s support for his Peace Valley enterprise, a project set to be established as a joint initiative of Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.  The Germans also promised to invest in developing an industry area near Jenin, a project that was suspended at the beginning of the intifada.



The vice premier reiterated his belief that economy would lead the way to change in the region.



“Government can’t invest funds, but private investors are looking for international investments, and a Jordanian-Palestinian-Israeli cooperation can certainly be successful, and constitute a mile stone for peace,” he said.



Optimism needed 

 When asked whether the failures of some of his past visions, like the Oslo Accord, did not demoralize him, Peres said: “We ruin the solutions with our own hands. Look at the agreement me and Yasser Arafat reached in London in 1991.  Who destroyed it?  Wasn’t it us, with our own hands?  What do I get out of all the skeptics?  We have to be more optimistic and find solutions like the Peace Valley.”


“This isn’t just another vision,” he continued. “I’m accused of being delusional, but I proved myself… I’m not a dreamer, I’m a man of action. I’ve proven this my entire life. My credit is for actions, what seems imaginary today, will make Israel proud tomorrow…” he concluded.



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