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Friday, September 16, 2005

Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative.

Does anyone know what initiatives Iran has undertaken in the nanotechnology field? Lately, I see a lot of press releases coming from Iran and its affiliates (governmental and NGO). By the way, most of the information is in Persian!

About us

Nanotechnology is able to create new materials, devices and systems through the control of matter on the nanometer-length scale (molecules and atoms) and the exploitation of novel properties and phenomena developed at this scale.  Such definition of nanotechnology shows that it is not a new discipline but it is a new approach in many disciplines. Technology on this scale comprises of applications for many fields, including food and drug, electronics, computer, energy, aeronautics, transportation, communication, biotechnology, medicine, healthcare, and national security.

Pervasive applications of nanotechnology along with social, political and legal implications of it make it a trans-disciplinary and trans-sectional subject. So besides the common infrastructures it needs, research and development policymaking must be centralized. It is clear that nanotechnology cannot be achieved merely by a laboratory or a research team, however it needs a correct infrastructure and elements and a trans-sectional coordinating organization.

Nanotechnology Policy Studies Committee is established to study the different aspects of this technology, its applications and impacts on other technologies, potential of the country and the trend of R&D activities in I. R. Iran.


 In order to formulate the country’s macro infrastructure, it is necessary to have a survey in the committee in the following:

·         Applications and impacts of Nanotechnology

·         Potential of different countries in Nanotechnology

·         Making necessary infrastructures such as national laboratories, educational programs, scientific networks and so forth.

·         Recognizing the potentialities in the universities and research centers to allocate research activities to them

Besides the above mentioned, some activities such as publishing Books, articles and recognizing the Iranian and non-Iranian researchers in this field are included in the scope of committee works.




Small Times Article - India-Russia Cooperation.

Hello, folks! It is time for me to sound off, yet again. Russia and India are cooperating on nanotechnology, among other things. The U. S. would rather be needlessly mired in countries like Iraq and police the world and be complacent AND stuck! Am I being an alarmist, or what? I don't think so! It is time for us internalize our energies and resources and focus on our needs.